Stationery Show 2023

Stationery Show 2023 – The London Letter Show has revealed the new brand for 2023, which includes new colours, elements and logos. We spoke to Head of Marketing Ella O’Keefe to find out more about the inspiration behind the rebrand.

The rebranding resulted from the decision to link the event more closely with the official Stationery Matters publication, with a joint logo design establishing their relationship. The new logo also emphasizes the new message that the event is a stationer dedicated to arts, crafts, writing and paper – the industry’s four main products.

Stationery Show 2023

Stationery Show 2023

In addition to the contrast of fresh pink and green, the new pants feature sharp darts and block bottom lines, a departure from the brand’s previous soft aqua colors. It means a new and modern direction of the program.

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We spoke to London Stationery Show Head of Marketing, Ella O’Keefe, about her thoughts on the new brand:

Stationery Show 2023

We wanted to give the London Stationery Show a new and fresh look, something that truly reflects the world of stationery. The show covers all types of writing papers, so branding could not rely on itself. We were also inspired by the rebranding of Stationery Matters in 2022. The same team runs the London Stationery Show and Stationery Matters and we feel it is important to have synergies between the two brands. Both brands now adopt modern yet beautiful typography and focus on soft colors and bold shapes.

We came up with our initial concept and then held a feedback session where everyone who would be working with the brand could vote for their favorite concept and ideas. After deciding on the direction, we started designing different variants of the property. It is always very important for you to test your brand on print and digital materials. There’s no point in running a fancy magazine ad if the creative doesn’t work on social media. We know we have the right brand when every team member is excited about the prospect of working with them. After that we started working on updating our channel and we are very happy for everyone to see it.

Stationery Show 2023

It’s Time To Register For London Stationery Show

I love that font. The curvature of our main font is perfect. When the letters come together, they swirl beautifully. I think it’s a beautiful delight in the intricacy of calligraphy and the beauty of handwriting. The color is also stunning. They are soft, yet strong and perfectly complement the wide range of products we work with.

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I hope they like it as much as we do and appreciate the effort it takes to represent the entire industry. We want to be ambitious and forward thinking, so I believe we can be at the forefront of modern stationery brands.

Stationery Show 2023

We will be running our 2023 campaign, which means shoppers will be able to sign up for the program this year. The launch will take place on January 31st, so you’ll start seeing our new branding across all our platforms (web, email, social, ads and more). We are excited to have shoppers return to the Business Design Center this May. We have a lot in store, more big names, exciting new brands, fantastic educational programs and interactive workshops. Make sure you sign up for the Writing Matters newsletter by clicking here to be the first to know when registration opens and when sessions are available to book.

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Registration for the London Letter Show 2023 opens on 31 January 2023. Save the date for the UK’s only trade event dedicated to arts and crafts, greetings, paper products and stationery. Check out our new website by clicking here. Registration is now officially open for the London Letter Show, which will take place on 16th and 17th May at the Business Design Center in Islington.

Stationery Show 2023

The London Letter Show, which hosts a collection of industry icons and rising stars, has been named β€œthe best place to look for next season’s products. With all the best stationery, arts and crafts, paper products and stationery brands on offer, retailers will find a range of original items to create a product range that inspires and engages their customers.

Visitors will have the opportunity to browse over 150 brands from around the world who have come together under one roof to showcase their cutting-edge products and latest offerings. Confirmed for spring events are Edding, ExaClair, Jakar International, Manuscript Brands, Once Upon A Tuesday, Pentel, Stabilo, Staedtler, Uniball and many more, as well as new names, innovative new concepts and debut design products.

Stationery Show 2023

Paperworld: Business Platform For Paper, Office Supplies And Stationery Products

Events Manager Alex Butler said: “Whether you’re an emerging independent store or a multinational department store, in the luxury sector or mass market, the London Letter Show has something for everyone. Our spring show is the perfect place to restock and refresh your store and get put itself in a great position to connect with its current suppliers and create meaningful relationships with new ones.”

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The event also offers a range of educational opportunities to help attendees improve their business and arm them with practical tips. The Retail Matters Seminar supports retailers in all aspects of running a successful business through one-on-one interviews with leading industry professionals, while the Indie Matters Business Consulting Clinic is an opportunity to meet face-to-face with the inspiring entrepreneurs behind the brands. . If you are looking for specific steps tailored to the implementation of the season, be sure to make an appointment with one of the business experts.

Stationery Show 2023

Gift of the Day is the leading B2B title in the UK gift industry. Established 30 years ago, it brings together all aspects of the industry – including buyers, manufacturers, suppliers, representatives and exhibitions. London Letter Fair 2023 London Letter Fair is the UK’s only stationery trade event, featuring the largest selection of stationery and stationery products from around the world.

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The London Letter Show is the UK’s only stationery trade event and features the largest selection of stationery and paper products from around the world. The event hosts over 150 stationery brands, from exciting emerging designers and innovative start-ups to established bestsellers. The fair is intended exclusively for trading without admission to the general public. Entry is free and limited to bona fide buyers, retailers, wholesalers and licensors and all entries will be reviewed.

Stationery Show 2023

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Stationery Show 2023

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Stationery Show 2023

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Stationery Show 2023

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Stationery Show 2023

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Stationery Show 2023

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Stationery Show 2023

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Stationery Show 2023

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Stationery Show 2023

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