Stamp Shows 2023 Near Me

Stamp Shows 2023 Near Me – ESC’s annual Spring Stamp Show features Edmonton hockey history, national exhibits, and items from across Canada!

The Edmonton Stamp Club will be holding their 2023 Spring National Stamp Show March 25-26 at the Central Lions Recreation Centre, 11113 – 113th Street in Edmonton, Alberta.

Stamp Shows 2023 Near Me

Stamp Shows 2023 Near Me

This is no ordinary stamp show! The theme of this year’s ESC is “Hockey History, Edmonton Past and Present”.

Lincoln Stamp Show

This is an art exhibit that includes Edmonton hockey history “Then & Now” (1900s-2000) and many photographs of modern hockey exhibits.

Stamp Shows 2023 Near Me

Speakers from across Canada will attend this year’s fair, sharing their knowledge of postal history.

A comprehensive discussion of Western Canada post offices and everything you need to know about post offices.

Stamp Shows 2023 Near Me

Indian Stamps Corner

A hockey history seminar about Edmonton’s reign as a hockey power beginning in 1897, including the rise and fall of the Edmonton Garden.

ESC is a non-profit organization that proudly supports the Edmonton Food Bank. A non-perishable food box is available at the front door of the Central Lions Recreation Center. Your food donation will provide food to those who need it most.

Stamp Shows 2023 Near Me

Free parking, free entry, free booking and a free kids gift! ESC membership is ½ price during event hours (not members only)!

Stamp Show Here Today

Opportunity presented by ESC – Showcase your Edmonton hockey history collection at the event March 25-26. A great opportunity to share the memories you’ve captured over the years with other Edmonton hockey history buffs. Everything is stored under lock and key in high-security filing cabinets overnight at a city-owned location.

Stamp Shows 2023 Near Me

Consider becoming an Edmonton Stamp Club sponsor/donor. All funds will go towards developing the stamp collection’s needs, including hosting national events in Edmonton.

The ESC welcomes your support on the ESC website and Facebook page, as well as in the Bulletin and Spring Show program. You will receive an ESC 2023 National Spring Display Cover with sponsors names or logo.

Stamp Shows 2023 Near Me

Brantford Stamp Show Returns After Two Year Hiatus

For more information about exhibiting your historic hockey collection or becoming a sponsor, contact the ESC Exhibition Manager:

Tuesday 26 2023 10:00am to 04:00pm Add to Calendar Google Calendar Calendar Outlook iCal Calendar Yahoo Calendar Eight aerial photographs of Jersey will appear on a set of stamps issued by the Jersey Post on 28 January 2023. Second. Jersey Post

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Stamp Shows 2023 Near Me

In this series, Seals presents a new selection of drone photos taken by local photography company Palm Perspectives, showing the island from a unique and often surprising perspective. With beautiful scenery, rugged cliffs and beautiful landscapes, the island of Jersey has been photographed many times and from many different angles. Award-winning local photographer Mark Lee Cornu of Palm Perspectives takes a 21st-century approach to capturing Jersey’s scenery, using drone technology to capture aerial images of the island’s many vistas and some of its lesser-known beauty spots. It can be found in eight: Bowley Bay Hill in Trinity, Grosness Castle in St. Ouen, Faldod Dolmen in St. Martin, St. Aubin Harbor in St. Brelade, Cliffs near Plemont in St. Ouen, Archirondal Tower in St. Martin, Val de la Reservoir Mare in St. Ouen At St. Peter and Manor Farm. Mark Lee Cornu of Palm Perspectives has been flying drones since 2015. He has won several awards at the 2018 Photobox Instagram Photo Awards (PIPAs), including Sports and Abstract, with some of his photos published in National Geographic Traveler magazine. Le Cornu recently received a photograph in the submission category of the Sony World Photography Awards 2020 in the Drone Awards 2019 category at the Siena International Photography Awards (SIPA). Jersey Post

York Stamp & Coin Fair (jul 2023), York Uk

All Jersey Post members can purchase these stamps from 28 January 2023. Stamp products such as souvenir sheets, first day cards and illustrated pouches are available at Jersey Post Offices in Broad Street, St Helier and Rue des Presses, St. . Savior and can be ordered now at or by calling the Jersey Stamp Office on: 00 44 (0) 1534 616717. Each spring and autumn, the National Stamp and Coin Show features around 50 dealers offering numismatics and stamps. From Canada.

Stamp Shows 2023 Near Me

The Burse (located on the bottom floor) is located in the 9000 square foot Grayton Ballroom at the prestigious four star Hilton Mississauga at 6750 Mississauga Rd. In Mississauga, Ont. In addition to offering a smorgasbord of products at the fair, our customers always provide reviews of exhibitors. Take advantage of this great offer in September!

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A full list of vendors attending the Spring Show can be found below, along with biographies, contact information and other details, including what they plan to offer at the exchange.

Stamp Shows 2023 Near Me

Stamp Your Own Calendar 2023!

The April 15-16, 2023 Spring Show map and vendor list will be updated closer to the show. Most of the customers listed below are repeat customers.

Alex Isajenko is the owner of Amis Stamps and Coins on Dundas Street West in downtown Toronto (regular business hours are Tuesday to Friday 11am to 5pm and Saturday 11pm to 4pm). Izajenko started collecting stamps at a young age before becoming interested in international currencies and their history. In 1978, this passion led to the opening of his first store, which continues to offer a fun experience to this day. For more than 40 years and four store locations (all located in Toronto’s High Park), Isajenko has amassed a catalog of world stamps, coins, banknotes, cards and other interesting items. At the upcoming exhibition in Mississauga, he will bring a large catalog of international stamps and coins.

Stamp Shows 2023 Near Me

A half-century-old statistician, André Langlois is a leader in coin and property statistics from Quebec, where he has authored numerous articles, including Canada’s best-selling 2015 book Guide for Grading Coins. At 175 pages, it aims to publish its comprehensive catalog of all Canadian coins and specifications of all grades. He was an active collector, owned a coin shop in his youth and was a life member of the Association des numismates et des philatélistes de Boucherville (Association of Numismatists and Philatelists of Boucherville) since 1972.

Deadline Looming For Entries To Edmonton Spring National Show

File #24  Andy Greco doesn’t describe himself as a dealer, but a longtime collector; However, he belongs to the Canadian Numismatic Dealers Association and continues to be part of programs in his home province of Ontario. He was involved in hosting the Niagara Falls Coin Club Show each November in his hometown of Niagara Falls, Ont.

Stamp Shows 2023 Near Me

Page #52, 53 Andy Balochick is a regular at stores across Ontario. “I like Canadian postal history, so I bring that, but also Canadian stamps, international postal history and international stamps, especially Scandinavian,” he said. A former secretary-treasurer of the Postal Historical Society of Canada (PHSC), Balochick is now a member of that association, along with the Royal Canadian Philatelic Society and the British North American Philatelic Society. ,” he said, working with a group of historians “repeatedly.” Also a former collector of Canadian Arctic items, his eBay username is “ArcticCan.”

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Toronto-based Peter Zheng is the owner of Apex Numismatics. Established in 2015, Apex Numismatics prides itself on offering a wide variety of coins and coins from ancient times to modern times. Apex Numismatics offers antiques, china and medals. In 2022, Apex Numerology launched its own auction.

Stamp Shows 2023 Near Me

World One Frame Exhibiting Marks 20 Years In 2023

Note #25 Since certifying its first banknote in January 2008, the Banknote Certification Service (BCS) has certified more than 67,000 banknotes. Steven Bell was a collector as a child and a part-time salesman in high school and college. “When I graduated, I saw an opportunity and decided to start a business,” Bell said. “We specialize in Canada and use Canadian quality standards.” Industrial containers are made of inert plastics that do not contain any of the cooling agents used in some plastics. Kitchener, Ont. Located at BCS is open Monday to Friday from 10 am. and 5 p.m. Bell will receive presentations at an upcoming event in Mississauga.

“I love money; I have,” said John Masterson, founder and owner of Beaver Bullion, a member of the Royal Numismatic Society of Canada; the Ontario Numismatic Society; the Canadian Token Collectors Association; the Toronto Coin Society; and the Canadian Centennial Collectors Club. “The way it feels, the way it sounds and the way you hold it in your hands. The comfortable weight while holding has always impressed me.” The company mints the only Canadian hand-cast beaver bullion coin. Almost in its 10th year.

Stamp Shows 2023 Near Me

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